What makes Luxembourg a great country for financial independence?

As I stated in my previous post, Luxembourg is my preferred choice as a country where financial independence can be achieved.

The main reasons are:

  • Low cost public transport
    • Bus pass for your commute as a resident costs only 25€ per month, and can also be used during the weekends
    • For more extensive areas, bus and train pass for all Luxembourg costs 50€

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Is it possible to achieve financial independence in Europe?

european_union_flag.pngI’m a big fan of the Financial Independence / Retire Early (FIRE) movement. Even though my adventure started in mid 2015, I’ve been hooked to personal finance since 2008.

Regarding the question on the title, of course, everything’s possible. You can live an ultra-cheap life with an average salary and be financially independent in a few years. But… that’s not the kind of life I’m looking for nor why I’m writing today. My intention is to point out the differences between Europe and the US / Canada, where almost all the famous FIRE bloggers are from.Read More »